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Andriy Bandera

Andriy Bandera
Born in 1882 in the city of Stryi.

Andrew graduated from Stryy Gymnasium in 1901, and also from the Theological Faculty of Lviv University in 1906. Consecrated in 1906, he later married the priest's daughter, Miroslava Głodzynska.

Member of the Scientific Society of Taras Shevchenko since 1910. Bandera often gathered active participants of the Ukrainian national life of Galicia.

In October - November 1918 Fr. Andriy Bandera was one of the organizers of the Ukrainian authorities in Kaluga county.

In 1920–1930, he was a pastor of the Old Ugrinov, and cooperated in the Kalusk Branch of the Village Master.

On the night of May 22 or May 23, 1941, he was arrested as the father of "the head of the OUN Krakow Center, Stepan Bandera." He spent 5 days in Stanislavsky prison and one month and 13 days in Kyiv.

After numerous torture, he was sentenced to death on July 8 and shot three days later.