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Petro Bolbochan

 Petro Bolbochan

Bolbochain Petro Feodorovich - Ukrainian military figure, colonel of the UNR Army.

After the revolution, Bolbochan actively began the organization of Ukrainian military units and helped to form the 1st Ukrainian Regiment named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky of the Russian Army. Formed from the volunteers of the 5th Corps of the Southwestern Front of the Russian Army, the 1st Ukrainian Republican Regiment. On November 22, 1917, Peter Bolbochan was appointed commander of the regiment. In early December, the 1st Ukrainian Regiment was liquidated by order of a corps of soldiers under the control of the Bolsheviks.

He categorically opposed the joint action with the Bolsheviks. Bolbochan believed that it was only necessary to fight for "an independent democratic Ukrainian Republic, not for a single Russia, whatever it may be, monarchical or Bolshevik."

In December 1918, the UNR Directory appointed Bolbochan as commander of the UNR Army Left Bank Group, which resisted the advance of the Red Army from the east. As the contemporaries emphasized, "Colonel Bolbochan is the most prominent chieftain of the Ukrainian army of that time ...". He was a successful commander, respected by ordinary soldiers and commanders alike, arousing the envy of talented career leaders and the hatred of enemies.

On December 22, at the behest of Ataman commander Simon Petliura, the Black Sea Division, which was part of the Siege Corps, was tasked with occupying and defending the front against the Soviet units along the Hlukh - Shostka - Novgorod - Siversk line and clearing the railway line. The division was subordinated to the commander of the Left Bank Front, Ataman Peter Bolbochan.